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With one click, your order is on the way . . . Hopefully with free shipping. We’re accustomed to trusting that companies to follow through on their promises to deliver goods and services when they say they will. If something.com says the product is on the way, then it’s on the way. 

When God makes promises in the Bible, they are no less reliable. But do we really believe He’ll deliver? 

Just because God doesn’t operate like an online shopping experience, does that make automatically make Him less reliable? 

Trusting His promises requires faith but not blind faith. In trusting God, we are trusting someone who has a flawless record of keeping His Word. We can trust the prophecies that pointed to the birth of Jesus. That means we can trust what the Bible says about the return of Jesus. 

Now, as Christmas speeds to our doorsteps, is the perfect time to remember that God is still on the way. 

Early Christians hoped for the second arrival of Jesus — “parousia” they called it. When Latin became the dominant language in the Roman world, adventus replaced parousia, giving us our word, Advent. As the 4th century, Christians used the weeks preceding Christmas as a time of prayer and fasting as they remembered the first arrival of Jesus and looked forward to His second. 

These Advent readings are designed to open our eyes up to the promise that God is an “On the Way” sort of God. When He makes a promise, it’s as good as delivered, even if the package takes longer than we expect. 

From the beginning, God made a promise to the human race that some day, a descendant of Eve would destroy the work of sin and the Devil. Just as Jesus came once to destroy the power of sin and death, He is most certainly coming again. The thought is captured well in a true Advent song, “Mary Consoles Eve,” by Rain for Roots,

Eve, my sister

The one who took the fall

Eve, my sister

Mother of us all

Lift up your head

Don’t hide your blushing face

The promised One

Is finally on His way